Its all about Design

What are  the three magic words of Real Estate?


LOCATION- LOCATION- LOCATION!  Well my friends, it seems that times have changed.  Yes, location is still very important but it may not be the first item on buyers checklists.  There is a new magic word in Real Estate, and that is…. DESIGN.  Right now, Buyers are paying top dollar for remodeled homes, in neighborhoods that may not  warrant such high prices.  The design of a home is now first on the totem pole.

With a good percentage  of kids attending Private school and so many people working  from home,  top factors when purchasing a home such as commute and school district, are no longer issues.  Without the constraints of location, buyers can now live in more  affordable neighborhoods and have the budget for a beautiful remodeled home.   Investors remodel the homes and add square feet, then sell the homes  for top dollar.  In this win-win situation, the buyer gets a beautiful and affordable house, while the neighborhoods, home -by -home, starts improving .  Throughout the past few years, with the help of Real Estate Investors,  these neighborhoods have totally transformed.